Cycling Routes

City > Eşelek > City
24.5 km

Difficulty: 8/10
Estimated Time: 1 s 10 d
Description: Circular

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City > Eşelek > City

The length of the route is 24 km. 10 km of the road is asphalt and following 12 km is comprised of rough dirt road. First 5 km of the road is comprised of an asphalt ramp with the slope of 10%, and one must continue walking on the rough dirt road for 12 km after turning left in Aydıncık Sahil. You will come across to a bridge after
18 km. Proceed by taking left upwards from the bridge, take the rough dirt road which has a slope of 10%. Final 4 km is located on a downhill road. It is suitable for mountain bikers, who have advanced level of condition. It is level of difficulty is 8 out of 10. There is no water or residential area after Eşelek.