Hiking Routes

Uğurlu > Jesus Hill

1.46 km
Difficulty: 2/6
Estimated Time: 1 h 30 m
Description: Linear

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İsa Hill which is located in the north – north-west of Uğurlu Town is a track that faces western part of the island and whose view is very impressive. Difficulty level of the İsa Hill route is 2, its length is 1.46 km, and estimated completion period is 1 hour and 30 minutes. It is a short track that is comprised of astragulas and stones.

The characteristic of the track is that it includes İsa Hill which is the place where Jesus is believed to descend when he comes back to the world. There is also a demolished chapel at the top.

The route begins with the dirt road that descends upwards towards right from the end of houses. After walking for approximately 500 m, you will turn right to the path opened by goats and begin to descend towards the top which may be seen clearly. Goats in this area have opened hundreds of paths since it is an exposed terrain. Views that will be seen while climbing to the top and the sea that remains on the right increase the feeling of depth. A track that is visually magnificent, that is important from cultural perspective, which is short but enjoyable is waiting for you.