Hiking Routes

Dereköy > Marmaros Waterfall

7 km
Difficulty: 2/6
Estimated Time: 2 h
Estimated Time: Linear

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It is a track with an initial altitude of 253 m, high altitude of 301 m, lowest altitude of 80 m and completion altitude of 110 m. Its length is 7 km and its level of difficulty is 2. Average walking time is 2 hours.

It is a route filled with view and that extends deep into the nature for those, who wish to move a little while having rest in Dereköy. It is a track where you will walk under pinewood, where you will pass from beautiful paths and stream beds and which everyone may cover. You will be accompanied by goats, sheep, turtles and rabbits, if you are a little bit lucky.

After taking the road from Dereköy to Marmaros, you will proceed from the dirt road in the company of the view of the pinewood that extends up to the skirts of the hills. You may observe bee hive occasionally. On your way, you will witness the destruction that is caused by rain water in spring time. You may find mushrooms under pines in autumn. You may collect meat mushroom or a type of mushroom that is referred to as “melki” by the local villagers, and as “kanlıca” in the Black Sea Region and as “çintar” in the Aegean Region. When you get close to the waterfall, it will warn you with its sound. You will begin to descend from the road by following the signboard. When you find the path, you will pass right across and follow the former vehicle road which is very large. If you listen to the waterfall, it will show you the way. Finally, you will reach to the Marmaros Waterfall which falls from a height of approximately 50 m.