Hiking Routes

Marmaros > Waterfall

2.66 km
Difficulty: 2/6
Estimated Time: 1 s
Description: Linear

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If you visit Marmaros, you may reach to the waterfall by walking for approximately half an hour. It is a track where you will be filled of green while passing from the valley, and its level of difficulty is 2, and has a total length of 2,65 km.

You will come across to the signboard of waterfall when you walk upwards from asphalt road you have come. In this location, a tractor road will take you to the path in valley bed. This wide path allows everyone to walk in here. The sound of the creek and birds will accompany you throughout the route. You will see a signboard that

will tell you to turn left from the path. This signboard will direct you into the depths of the forest and creek bed even more. You will begin to walk on the steep hillsides of the valley in the following stages of this path, which becomes narrower increasingly and that includes creek crossings at times (there is generally no water in the summer). Although it is not hard to walk, risk will begin to increase. Take care to proceed carefully as much as possible. You will take steps faster as you hear the gurgling of the waterfall. You will return by descending from the same route and it will be a pretty easy walk.