Hiking Routes

Tepeköy > Marmaros

8.63 km
Difficulty: 3/6
Estimated Time: 3 s
Description: Linear

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Level of difficulty of the route which is in the length of 8.63 km is 3. You will begin to walk for approximately 3 hours by leaving Tepeköy. You will continue walking until you see the signboard from the skirts of the hill after leaving threshing field. You will proceed towards the monastery from the road that descends slightly towards left. This road will take you to the creek yet again after a short visit to the monastery. After descending to the creek, you will begin to ascend once again by climbing the slope across. The road will start with a slight inclination and it will continue with various inclinations for a long time. When you reach to the ridge, you will be greeted by great views in both directions (northwest – northeast). This is one of the unique places where you may fill your lungs with clean air coming from the sea and island. You will reach to the second ridge after continuing for a while by remaining on the left of the hill. You may give a coffee break in here on the rocks that are located on your right. You may continue walking from the dirt road that goes
downwards by proceeding slightly left from the point where you drank your coffee. When you reach under the rocks, leave the road and continue to proceed between astragulas towards the small summits which you see across and then begin to proceed to the other summit. You will feel that depth and perspective draws you in. You will see a sheep fold below. The view over there is actually fantastic. Below there, green meets the blue clear waters of Marmaros. You will continue to descend by stepping on stone while following the stream bed which is on the right of the sheep fold. You may proceed towards Marmaros by following the fire road which you will right below, and then by reaching to the dirt road next to a goat farmhouse. When you reach to the asphalt road, you will proceed towards right this time. You are very close to the sea now. After swimming and resting for a while, you may continue the day by following another route that begins from Marmaros.