Hiking Routes


4.9 km
Difficulty: 1/6
Estimated Time: 2 s
Description: Circular

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The route that is established on the ruins of a former police station begins from Çınaraltı picnic area which is breath taking visually and is in the length of 4,9 km and it takes approximately 2 hours to complete the track. Its level of difficulty is 1. It is on a route where you may see the ruins of Greek houses and where you may find water sources and fruit trees.

The route that begins from the dirt road that descends towards right, to the open area below from Çınarlatı that has the view of Semadirek and Saroz Gulf and it descends with a slight slope until reaching to the chapel which may be seen from the top. You will be greeted by the ancient historical fountain which is located next to the chapel, by the ruins of great columns that may be even dated way back and by the mulberry trees that rise from between the houses. Continue to proceed from below the chapel towards the village houses by passing collapsed terraces that may be seen

below. Paths will help you a lot in the area covered with astragalus intensely. Raise your head a little after passing the village houses that you will see across and try to find the stone road that passes between the oak forest. Right side of this stone path consists of a masonry wall and is a very proper path. This path which is located beneath the oaks will take us to a large area which may be used as a camping site. There is an old but relatively non-demolished stone house located next to the site. From this place, you will continue rise by proceeding towards the end of the arrow of Poseidon. This largish rock looks like the anchored end of an arrow that was shot. Starting from this point, you will continue to climb towards the Doruk Tepe (Summit Hill) by walking inside terraces and by now turning your back to the view of Semadirek and Saroz Gulf. Çınaraltı and the point that you will reach will appear in front of your eyes right below Doruk Tepe.