Hiking Routes

Tepeköy > Yeni Bademli

7.4 km
Difficulty: 2/6
Estimated Time: 2 h
Description: Linear

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The signboard on the right will draw your attention on the road to Tepeköy. Your track starts from here and it extends to Yeni Bademli where most of the route is comprised of declines. It is a visually rich route, and you will see chapels, historical fountains and destroyed but mystic Greek villages. Its difficulty level is 2, and it is a track where you may cover 5,8 km within approximately 2 hours and where there are plenty of water resources and fruit trees.
You will come across to a chapel on the left in the first meters of the track (500 – 600 m). You may refresh your water from the fountain that is located below this chapel, which is open to worship and is very well-kept. This break is also very suitable for taking photos. You will continue from the right by descending towards the dirt road that may be seen below from next to the fountain. When you pass the stone house that you will come across, you will descend to the stream bed which will be located below on your left and by following the traces of a giant construction machine which destroyed the natural environment; you will begin to ascend by turning right to the dirt road which you will find once again. A query will greet you a little further. You may see Çınaraltı and ancient Greek villages by stepping on the embankment that is on your left. Then, you will walk to the valley by proceeding towards left, and you will be greeted by a fountain in here. You will recognize the water coming from the ground immediately. Without ascending a lot towards the hill on
your right, you will find a hardly visible path. You will slowly reach to the ancient Greek village by walking between the trees. Views and ruins related with the ancient life style will excite you. This diversified geography and fruit trees that you will come across as you descend will make you feel in good spirit. You may refresh your water in the ancient fountain available in the village, and you may take a sip or two from the coffee you brought with you. On your way, you may see the remains of the ancient pipe system made of clay and ceramic. You may also see a part of the airport runway and Kaleköy from here. The view is very impressive under fair weather. You will pass to sloping woodland by following the short twists of the path which you will find subsequently, and you will find yourself among olive groves after a while. When you come to the end of the sloping path, you may catch the photo of a chapel that is hidden between trees. Then, you will walk between wide olive groves. If you pass the wire fences by tending towards north and northwest, then you will be on the right way to follow. If you reach to the agricultural fields and reach to a wide stabilized road after several farmhouses and head towards north in parallel to the airport, this road will take you to the Kaleköy – Centre asphalf road from across Yeni Bademli. If you turn left, you may get the chance to swim in Kaleköy.