Hiking Routes


5.4 km
Difficulty: 4/6
Estimated Time: 3 h
Description: Circular

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Yıldızkoy route gives you the opportunity to reach to blue waters after a beautiful walk. It is a walking track that becomes more beautiful as one ascends, its risk level is moderate, its level of difficulty is 4, its length is 5,4 km, it may be completed within approximately 3 hours, and you may come across to two water resources according to the season, and it is comprised of astragulas and rocks, and it is a track that is located in exposed terrain.

You will begin proceeding from the dirt road that is next to the cottage on the left, which is the single structure in Yıldızkoy. Turn left after 500 – 600 m and continue until you see Blue and Green Bays, and then you will rich to the end of the road. This is a beautiful observation area. But, it is too early for giving a break. You will recognize the water resource which is located approximately 100 m on the right. Then, you will slightly leave the road and begin to ascend. Rocky and steep land is open and dry. You better ascend by making wide S’s. These S’s will take you to a fire road. But, these will all be in your within your field of view. On the bend that is right below the hill, you will see the fig tree a little further away. You must continue without missing out the bend. Dirt

road gets worse under the summit and you will begin to descend with a slight inclination towards the stream bed on the left. You will come across to a water resource and scree after a while. You may refresh your water in here. The area with scree is challenging, but it is also fun at the same time. You will see that there is not much distance left to reach to the ridge when you ascend slightly towards right by taking care of not rolling any stones and when you reach up to the astragulas. On the ridge, you may proceed to the summit of Yıldız Tepe which is left on your right or you may walk towards the valley by taking Eski Bademli direction on the left. This valley is one of the most astragalus-free and comfortable descending paths in this area. You will begin to make slight canyoning in the further areas of the valley. Do not forget that the accident risk has increased in the scree area and in the valley and that you must be more careful. At the exit of the valley, you will continue to descend in the direction of the goat fold which is located below willows. You may continue to descend towards Yıldızkoy by taking the right next to the fold (in the direction of west-north). Finally, village will be in your field of view. Do not forget that if you select to proceed left, you will reach to Eski Bademli.