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9.67 km
Difficulty: 3/6
Estimated Time: 2 h 30 m

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Centre – Kuzu Port route is one of the unique routes where you may see both Güzelce Bay and Kuzu Port. Make sure you have your camera with you. You may see Cape Kefalos and Lighthouse in fair weather. The route is relatively easy and there are paths that are opened by goats. Its level of difficulty is 3. It is a track that may be covered by anybody, who is good shape and who has gained experience on trekking. This track’s walking distance is approximately 9.67 km. One may walk for 2 and a half hour in average. You may come across to water resources throughout the route in the spring. In the summer, you may find a water resource before you reach to the chapel in the third stage of the track. There are oak, olive and fig trees on the route. You may across to partridges, goats and sheep, if you are lucky. You may use as camping site the areas that are close to the chapel, which you will see on the route of third stage.

The route starts from the road which is approximately 250 m away from the single fuel station of the island and you have to take the dirt road that turns right from thereon. When you begin to proceed from the dirt road, you will pass a sheep fold in the second bend and you will enter to the path on the left. You will continue to climb over a slight ramp and proceed towards the ridge. When you proceed for approximately 2 km, you will see the view of both city centre and Kuzu Port.

Further on, you will see a historical masonry sheep fold that is supported by rocks at one side, as well as a masonry shelter. In the aforementioned sheep fold, you will see an ivy that has been held on to the rock for many years and that has almost covered the rock entirely. As you ascend towards the ridge, you will come across to Kuzu Port, as well as Güzelce Bay. You will reach to an altitude of 300 m at this point. It is very easy to proceed by following the goat paths on the ridge. It is very enjoyable to walk by observing the view of both sides. You will see several sheep folds in the stream bed on the right. When you come to the middle of the ridge, you will understand from the sound you will hear that the ravens are accompanying you. You will see the partridges taking off in front of you. You may pass to the other side by passing through a gate available on the wire fences organized for shepherds. You will leave the ridge in this area which is very watery and you will go towards the mountain pass that is located between two hills. When you reach to the mountain pass, you will see the road that extends between Güzelce and Kuzu Port. When you descend to the road, you will proceed towards the see by heading downwards after turning left. You will the chapel below. There is a sheep fold and plenty of water sources next to the chapel. When you reach to the chapel, you will see the Radio-TV transmitters on the hill that is on your left and you will see that the road you will follow leads to that place by ascending. The rest is a slight climbing procedure and beautiful views will be waiting for you.