Hiking Routes


10.5 km
Difficulty: 2/6
Estimated Time: 3 h
Description: Circular

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Would you like to tour around this beautiful reservoir which meets the water requirement of Gökçeada and that is close to the centre? It is a route that includes a track with the length of approximately 10.5 km where you may see the reservoir view, olive groves and fruit trees, its level of difficulty is 2, its average walking time is 3 hours and it also includes camping sites.

You will begin to walk by taking the road next to the entrance gate of Gökçeada dam and you begin to walk upwards from the asphalt road. After taking the bend that will come across you, turn right before reaching to the sheep fold and then, you will leave the road. It is worth from here to take photos of the reservoir and radar located above. Then, you will go down next to the reservoir and continue to proceed by following the path. You will get over the wires that will come across you at times and you will proceed until reaching to the sheep fold without getting too far from the shore. This place is called Sheep Fold Bay. You will see a deep plain after this place. Then, you will have to go to the asphalt road. You will

follow the road by turning right and you will leave the road on the hillside and you will enter to the dirt road. You will approach to the lake shore by following the tractor road. By following the shore, you will firstly reach to a garden surrounded with wires and then to a sheep fold that is located on the hill. It is beneficial to enter to the dirt road from the sheep fold. This road will take you back to the asphalt road yet again. After turning right from the asphalt road and proceeding for 500-600 m, you may enter to the large and plain olive groves that are located on the right. When you proceed in the olive groves, you will find yourself in a large camping site. It may be necessary to walk inwards a little in order to find dry passage areas at places where stream beds and water unite. After passing the camping site, you will pass another sheep fold and you will ascend towards the hillside which is compulsory direction, and then you will reach to asphalt road once again. After visiting the picnic area and fountain on the road, you will complete the route by following the asphalt road and by reaching to the dam gate, the place where you parked your vehicle.