Hiking Routes

Aydıncık Bay

2.92 km
Difficulty: 2-3/6
Estimated Time: 2 h 30 m
Description: Circular

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Araşa Hill is one of the most preferred routes since it is the closest altitude where you may see the city centre and surrounding area, since it has an average elevation and since it is a track that may be covered by almost everyone. From visual perspective, it is very convenient for taking photos, its elevation is approximately 390 m, its length is 2.92 km, its risk level is low, its level of difficulty is between 2-3 in average and its includes a campsite. It is an ideal track that will take approximately 2 and half hours to complete, that will be completed by walking between oil and oak trees together with the animals of the forest and goats.

The track begins from the dirt road that enters to the olive grove which is located on the left of the corner that extends towards right after passing small industrial site. You may park your vehicle in this area. Approximately 100 m. away from the parking area, the road that turns right descends with a little slope and then you begin to follow this dirt road. This road will take you to the skirts of Araşa Summit with a little slope by passing through olive groves and village houses which you will see from time to time. When you rise above the stabilized road approximately 180 m, you will cover approximately 2 km and then you will come across to the gate of a farmhouse. When you proceed in the compulsory direction from here and take the road on the right, you will enter to the tractor road by turning left yet again after approximately 100 m. You will take the

road on the right when you come across to a fork junction. This rough road will take you to Kuzgun Square by walking between agricultural fields. You will see the monastery when you look at the hill. After this point, you will leave the road and begin to climb in the direction of the monastery by following the signboards. Approximately 400 m is left to the summit. 100 m of this distance is comprised of a narrow hardly visible path, and 300 m of the same is comprised of a rocky and scree land. Risk is increased in terms of safety. It is beneficial to be more careful. Signboards will take you to the Keçi Kapısı (Goat Gate). After passing the gate, you may continue to walk on the rocks and scree towards the left of the monastery, which is about to disappear from sight at the top, towards the south and towards the hillside by keeping an eye on the astragulas. The beautiful view of the lake will greet you when you reach to the hillside. It is time to proceed towards the monastery by taking the way on the right which passes on horizontal rocks. The surface is slope and slippery at times. The door of the monastery is not locked. Do not forget to lock the door after your visit. Now, it is time to start descending. We advise you to be careful for safety reasons. Although it seems easy, you have reached to the most hazardous part. It is beneficial to stay close to the rocks and act vigilantly while descending. You may return by following the signboards on the road which you passed.