Hiking Routes

Aydıncık Körfezi

13.1 km
Difficulty: 1/6
Estimated Time: 4 h 30 m
Description: Circular

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Aydıncık route is a circular track with the difficulty level of 1 that has a fantastic view, that is in the length of approximately 13.1 km, that may be covered within 4 and half hours and which you may put an end at any given time.

The walk that you will begin from Eşelek Beach will gain a different dimension when you leave the beach and walk towards the cliffs. You may see Güzelce Bay in this route, on which one feels the wind increasingly as he/she walks towards the cape. It is a beautiful

walking track that is covered with trees and desert grass that are shaped by the wind. Dunes of the southern coasts will create an atmosphere where one may feel as if he is in a desert. Meanwhile, we advise to swim in the southern coasts in summer months since they include great beaches. If you follow the southern coast persistently, you will reach to the Aydıncık Beach. In brief, it is a route that must be seen, that has no water source and that we advise you to visit in spring time.